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Portfolio : Websites
This website provides free services to help buy, sell, hire and find employment. It contains over 150 pages. Databases are used to store member, advertisement and search activity information. Important features include private messaging to the advertiser, ad search and circulation, payment system through, member registration and email verification, and full control of ads. You may log in (user: test01 password: test01) and freely explore the member area.
A real estate website. We designed a large part of the main page graphics (including the logo), and produced the main page HTML. The graphics had to be scalable because they will be used for the web as well as printed marketing materials. (version 2)
In May, 2006 we released a new version of our website. It now contains more content, features and should be more helpful to the visitor. Technologies used include Java Mail, JSP, PHP and CSS.
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