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How We Work

Our Work Methodology
We have a five step methodology for website development. The steps model web design well enough to be useful to everyday business owners as well as sharpened engineers. When used properly, the result is a powerful solution.

The methodology also serves as a road map for a website project. There are no surprises and plans can be made in advance.

We communicate with you and decide your website goals. Furthermore, we will decide who will be using your website and what purpose it will serve.

We create a design that works for you. Often, we will make more than one design for you to choose from. Details such as content text and graphics must be worked out as well.

We collect all necessary content and create a working website based on the original design. The website is tested and final fixes are applied.

Go Live
The website is published online and can be accessed by anyone in the world. We submit the website to all major search engines. You receive a hard copy of your website and we go through final consultations.

Imagine your website a year from now. It will probably look very different then! If you choose, we will make updates to your website to keep it at peak performance.

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